Real slow-smoked BBQ. Real fast.

Tender lip-smackin’ ribs. Moist and tangy pulled pork that’s perfect for sliders or pizza. Rich and juicy smoked sausage to add a zing to sandwiches or jambalaya. With new Smoke’NFast from Farmland, you can add authentic guest-pleasing BBQ favorites to your menu without any of the hassle. Genuine slow hickory-smoked and fully cooked, all our BBQ is ready to use in minutes. With new Smoke’NFast, there’s never been a faster way to serve the authentic taste of slow-smoked BBQ.

Introducing Smoke’NFast Roasted & Seared Chicken and Smoked Pork Belly. To learn more click here!

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Roasted & Seared Chicken and Smoked Pork Belly!
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