Game Day BBQ Gets a Kick

Football season is well underway, hockey season has begun and basketball season just tipped off –it’s the perfect time of year for the ultimate sports fan. And the ultimate sports fan requires ultimate game day finger food for optimal viewing. Smoke’NFast Ribbits satisfy the craving and are perfect as appetizers or small plates and reminiscent of a game day tailgate.

When it comes to Ribbits, the possibilities are endless. Different flavor combinations produce a different experience each time you bite into this unique pork cut made for the barbeque. Traditional BBQ sauces are red, sweet and smoky, but BBQ sauce comes in hundreds of varieties from savory to sweet to spicy, most tied to the area of its origin. Kansas City is renowned for its barbeque, and its sauce has evolved into a red, tomato-based, sweet-tart sauce. South Carolina sauce has a mustard base traditionally mixed with vinegar, sugar and spices. East Carolina is all about vinegar, brushing on a mop sauce while the meat cooks and adding a new level of flavor. The tangy, spicy and peppery mop sauce is then used as a finishing sauce. Sauces from the Texas area are a bit thicker in consistency yielding a tomato base with a spicy kick.

Another secret weapon for pork is dry rub, a combination of spices, herbs and sugars that give the meat a kick and leave a lasting, palatable impression. Ribbits take to a variety of flavors using salt, sugar, savory and spicy blends. Some of the best BBQ is typically served up with only the spice rub, and sauce is added later as an option.

When it comes to game day food, there’s nothing that will get your mouth watering more than classic BBQ style Ribbits drenched in your favorite sauce and kicked up a notch with a sweet, savory or spicy dry rub. With so many ways to do BBQ and so many regional inspirations, it’s unlikely that chefs will ever run out of flavor combinations to make taste buds go wild.


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