It’s a guest favorite that transcends all trends and targets. A staple on menus in all restaurant categories. And now you can serve the number one BBQ item quickly and easily with Smoke‘NFast Ribs, deliciously authentic hickory-smoked or fully slow-cooked ribs that heat in minutes. Add your own signature sauce or create your own different sauce and seasoning combinations to expand your menu options. Cooked ribs feature a seasoned rub, and the smoked product is Deep BastedTM, to insure they are moist, juicy and tender every time. All deliver consistent juicy and tender flavor with minimal shrinkage. Perfect for takeout or catering.


Fully Cooked and Smoked Ribs
St. Louis Style & Loin Back

Fully Cooked St. Louis Rib, 2/Dn, 3-4 Pc 70247 400467
Smoked St. Louis Rib, 2.0/Dn, 3-4 Pc 70247 210147
Smoked Back Ribs, 2.0/Dn, 3-4 Pc 70247 210157
Fully Cooked Back Rib, 2.0/Dn, 3-4 Pc 70247 400457
Product Information

Thaw ribs in refrigerator for 24 hours or until thawed.
Product should be used within 48 hours of being thawed, whether used in steam table or pack out case.

Steam Table Use

Convection Oven: Heat oven to 350⁰ F. Arrange thawed ribs in single layer in shallow pan; cover. Bake 35 to 40 minutes until internal temperature reaches 140⁰ F. Remove cover during last 5 minutes of heating.

Charbroiler: Grill thawed ribs for 15 to 20 minutes until internal temperature reaches 140⁰ F, turning frequently.

3-hours steam table shelf life. Monitor temperature and record on your hot food log hourly.

Pack Out Example
Shelf Life 4 Days
11/10 (slack out date)
11/11 (*pack out date)
Include Use-By Date on package for consumers
Place 1 or 2 racks into rib container
Merchandise in Package Prepared Food
section of deli
11/15 (pull date)
Make sure to pull first thing in morning
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