A guest-pleasing variety
of genuine BBQ in minutes

Descriptions and Usage


Add menu versatility with these two new Smoke’NFast items.

Roasted & Seared Pork Shoulder

Smoke’NFast Roasted & Seared Pork Shoulder is deliciously tender and juicy pork that is easily served in a variety of cuisines and applications from classic Mexican fare and comfort foods to on-trend favorites to your own signature creations.

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If you’re looking for something fun and unique to offer your guests, Smoke’NFast RIBBITS will satisfy that craving. A great alternative to Buffalo wings, they’re perfect as appetizers or on-trend small plates served with an assortment of dipping sauces.

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It’s a guest favorite that transcends all trends and targets. A staple on menus in all restaurant categories. And now you can serve the number one BBQ item quickly and easily with Smoke’NFast Ribs, deliciously authentic hickory-smoked or fully slow-cooked ribs that heat in minutes.

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Pulled Pork

Serve up everyone’s favorite tangy BBQ sandwich with fully cooked and smoked pulled pork from Smoke’NFast, made from select cuts of up to 90% blade meat for superior quality and taste.

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Smoked Sausage

Add versatility to your menu and savory taste to a variety of meals with Smoke’NFast Smoked Sausage. Made with only the most tender, USDA-inspected cuts of pork and beef, our smoked sausage has a rich flavor and even texture.

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KC Wild Wings®

Pigs do fly…off your menu! A fun and tasty choice, unique Smoke’NFast KC Wild Wings® are meatier and easier to eat than their feathered counterpart.

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CarveMaster® Ham

Serving delicious just-sliced ham is made easy with Smoke’NFast CarveMaster® Ham. Fully cooked and smoked over real applewood or cob for excellent flavor and texture. Available in a variety of options, including Applewood Smoked, Cob Smoked, All-Natural and Mini.

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