Fire up the grill for fall

Fall menus can be delightfully cozy as guests are focused on cooling temps and warming, hot-off-the-grill meals. Capitalize on the season’s hunger for heartier satisfying meals by menuing a signature smoked sausage dish, fresh from your grill.

“People are drawn to meat cooked over fire,” says food historian and author, Bruce Kraig. “It’s in our genetic memory.”

Dining outdoors is also something we’re drawn to, some maintaining that food tastes better in the open air.

Conjuring up that great-tasting tailgate at the stadium, a smoked sausage sandwich outside is a crowd-pleasing fall pleasure.

A group of Chicago foodies fantasized with Dr. Kraig about that perfect fall meal. Here are their must-haves:

  1. Superior quality smoked sausage like those from Farmland Foods – smoked with real hickory smoke and made with natural casing for a crisp, firm bite. Grilled or griddled.
  2. A crusty baguette or bun (or onion roll) that’s been heated or toasted.
  3. Mustard – since there are so many varieties, how about mustard flights?
  4. Onions, preferably caramelized and piled on top.
  5. Beer. “Beer and sausage go together culturally,” explains Kraig, referring to the influx of German immigrants in the 1850s. “The acid levels and slightly bitter flavors of beer complement the sweetness of good sausage,” he adds.
  6. (Tied for 6th place) Sauerkraut, Cole slaw, French fries and German potato salad.

Try the rich country flavor of Farmland Foods smoked sausages in everything from classic American sandwiches to jambalaya, cassoulet and much more.


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