Southern Cooking Provides a Little Bit of Menu Comfort

While operators and chefs draw inspiration from all over the world for their menu items, many stay on trend by getting creative with tried and true recipes from a region right in their backyard. Southern food is hot as consumers look for hearty menu items that offer a taste of home cooking, and comfort food quickly moves up on the list of trends to watch. Old fashioned southern cooking provides chefs with a traditional way of delivering consumers’ favorite country comfort foods.

Deep south dishes are popping up on menus everywhere, containing a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner items that feature savory meats as the spotlight. Southerners are known for their love of pork, and sausage is often a front runner on menus. Smoke’NFast® Smoked Sausage provides a rich, savory flavor for southern sausage gravy or sausage stew. Diners can also expect to see sausage as an entrée in items like sandwiches and skillets.

In addition to sausage, operators can expect to see a spike in pork being used in southern comfort recipes. Pulled pork is a southern culture favorite, allowing chefs to implement the popular protein into just about any dish from sandwiches to salads and sliders. KC Wild Wings® are also a great pork option that allows chefs to get creative with signature sweet and spicy southern barbeque sauces to satisfy all palates.

When exploring southern comfort menu items, remember that it’s more than just country fried chicken and biscuits and gravy. Great southern dishes implement a combination of hearty, savory ingredients and meats like braised pork and country ham, rounded off with traditional southern TLC. Southern comfort food can be altered for just about any menu, and getting creative and even adding a little local flavor will fare well with consumers.


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